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    Barite or baryte is a mineral containing barium sulfate. Its name is originally derived from the Greek word "barys" meaning "heavy". This mineral belongs to the Barite Mineral Group along with anglesite, celestine and anhydrite. It has quite a beautiful appearance.

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    Sunns Chemical & Mineral Co., Ltd is an experienced minerals manufacturer and export enterprises in Northwest area of China. Our mineral Dept. mainly provide materials used in industries: Friction products for automobiles and trucks, radiation-shielding cement,powder coating, Our mineral departments provide kinds of Barium Sulfate Natural ( Barite ),from normal size to super fineness.

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    Barium sulfate is a metal sulfate with formula BaO4S. Virtually insoluble in water at room temperature, it is mostly used as a component in oil well drilling fluid it occurs naturally as the mineral barite. It has a role as a radioopaque medium. It is a barium salt and a metal sulfate.

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    Barite powder is a good choice for oil painting and powder coating production, especially the perfect reflection angle of barium sulfate makes coating presents a similar crystal shape, and could make coating more scattered.

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