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    Paul Messink is an award-winning artist and international instructor working in kiln-formed glass, who draws on prior drawing and painting experience to create hand-painted, -layered glass panels that present nature in deep dimension.

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    Glass powders used as pozzolans are making strong gains in the concrete industry. A pozzolan is an amorphous material that reacts with lime when water is added to cement powder. The reaction results in additional calcium silicate binder to make the concrete stronger and more durable.

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    BRITE and CLEAN's™ Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover® is not like most other hard water stain removers on the market. Most other cleaning chemicals are liquids and create fumes that you have to breathe in while cleaning. The Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover® is a safe, bio-degradable powder that has no detectable odors or fumes.

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