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    For example, Foorman, Francis, Fletcher, Schatschneider, and Mehta (1998) found that when provided with a quality reading program that included explicit, systematic instruction in the alphabetic principle (how print represents the sounds of language) within a print-rich classroom environment, 75% of the 1st graders who were in the bottom 20% of ...

  • Five characteristics of a great children's book | onewildword

    Jul 09, 2012 · Part of writing well is analyzing what works in the stories I admire, love, and that stick in my mind long after I read them. In May, Publishing Perspectives organized "What Makes a Children's Book Great?," a half-day event hosted by Scholastic Inc. For more insight about the topic from publishing experts and authors at.

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    Jan 14, 2016 · If you want to know if you have a high emotional intelligence (EI) or want to work on strengthening your EI in order to succeed in life and your career, here are 10 qualities that people with high ...

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