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    Furthermore, sunflower seeds contain about twice the iron and potassium and about 4 times the phosphorus of beef. Raw sunflower seeds also contain vitamins B and E, and a dash of vitamin A. Sprouted, they also contain vitamin C. Use the seeds for snacks, alone or .


    HOW TO HARVEST AND STORE SUNFLOWER SEEDS: If we convinced you to add sunflowers to your garden this year (read 13 Sunflower Varieties To Brighten Up the Garden if you need more convincing), then you might be wondering what to do with them at the end of the season. While you could simply cut them down and add them to th

  • Harvesting Sunflower Seeds, How to harvest sunflowers seeds

    Harvesting annual sunflowers is quite important if you intend to grow another crop the following year. It is quite easy to tell when a sunflower is ready to harvest because the flower head should have wilted facing down and the back of the head turns a yellow or brown colour.

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    Mar 29, 2019 · How to Plant Sunflower Seeds. Sunflowers are annual plants that produce large or small yellow flowers in the summer. Sunflowers are very popular because of their beauty, and because they are easy to grow. Planting sunflower seeds in the...