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  • US5645155A - Conveyor noise isolation and wear prevention ...

    The invention is embodied in a conveyor roller noise-isolator and wear-prevention system for mounting a conveyor roller to a conveyor system support frame. An apparatus is provided in which a conveyor roller axle is mounted to a conveyor side frame by a resilient bushing which serves to isolate the noise generated at the roller, prevent the noise generated at the interface between the axle and ...

  • Antistatic device - Wikipedia

    An antistatic device is any device that reduces, dampens, or otherwise inhibits electrostatic discharge; the buildup or discharge of static electricity, which can damage electrical components such as computer hard drives, and even ignite flammable liquids and gases.. Many methods exist for neutralizing, varying in use and effectiveness depending on the application.

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    This belt over roller conveyor is priced by the foot and is being sold as a complete run with a minimum length of 36'. Each conveyor will have a center drive unit with a 208-230/460/480V 3 phase motor.