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    Fairdeal Supplies Ltd. incorporated in 1987, has a long and successful history of dealing in various types of Coal and Metallurgical Coke. It is the flagship company of over Rs. 1,000 crores.

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    Metallurgical coke is produced in coke ovens and is mainly consumed in ironmaking blast furnaces but also in blast and electric furnaces for ferroalloy production as well as for reduction of phosphates, sulphates, chlorides, and carbonates. ... This contribution deals with metallurgical blast furnace coke. 12.2.1. Conventional coke production ...

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    While metallurgical coal is primarily used by steel companies, it is also used by a variety of other industrial users, chemical plants and other manufacturing and processing facilities. Metallurgical coal is less abundant than steam coal and can be used either for making coke or as a replacement for steam coal. CUSTOM BLEND


    ADVANCES IN THE RECYCLING OF PLASTIC WASTES FOR METALLURGICAL COKE PRODUCTION M.A. Diez and R. Alvarez Instituto Nacional del Carbón, INCAR-CSIC, Apartado 73, 33080-Oviedo. Spain. e-mail: [email protected] Abstract This paper is intended to provide useful knowledge on the use of plastic wastes for carbonization with coking blends in order