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  • Dressing Percentage of Slaughter Cattle

    Nov 22, 2006 · Dressing percentage is calculated by dividing the warm carcass weight by the shrunk live weight of the animal and expressing the result as a percentage. For example, suppose that an animal delivered to the packing plant weighs 1300 pounds. After being killed, the hide, head, feet and gut are removed. The carcass then weighs 767 pounds.

  • Engineering Practice Updating the Plant Cost Index

    plant-construction costs, trends in the M&S have been comparable to the CEPCI. The quarterly M&S index is published on CE's Economic Indica-tors page, along with the VAPCCI (see box, p. 69) and other indexes. Two questions of engineering phi-losophy intrude here and need ad-dressing. Why do we use a .

  • Bhopal - Wikipedia

    In early December 1984, a Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal leaked around 32 tons of toxic gases, including methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas which led to the worst industrial disaster in the world to date. The official death toll was initially recorded as around 4,000. A Madhya Pradesh government report stated 3,787 deaths, while ...