how to make a grape crusher

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    Homemade Grape Crusher. Posted on February 13, 2012 by Customer Stories. I discovered this grape crusher on line two years ago and fabricated my own version. I can crush 5 gallons of grapes in 2-3 minutes using my drill. Check out the last image which is a video of Steve's unit.

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    Grape Crusher: I own a house with a 40+ year old concord grape vine that produces more grapes than I know what to do with (they have seeds so I don't end up eating many of them). I also have a cool basement and room for projects, and this year I've decided to t...

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    Make sure the ground is soft enough that they can put down deep roots and build a trellis or other support structure to hold the weight of the grapes. Destem, crush and freeze the pulpy mixture of red or purple grapes to make red wine. Remember the skin is essential to giving red wine its color and flavor.

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