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    Flipgrid empowers social learning in PreK to PhD classrooms around the world. Use video the way your students do. ... Learners pause and flip their camera while recording, add uploaded photos and videos, trim unlimited clips and include a whiteboard, video styles, text, emoji, inking and more to .

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    Task Force Tips (TFT) designs and manufactures thousands of water and foam flow products to help firefighters risk less to do more. By combining extensive engineering, precise manufacturing and superior customer support, TFT customers around the globe are better able to save lives and property.

  • Catheter valves | Topics, Living with a urinary catheter ...

    The catheter valve, it's quite crude. But this is known as a flip flow valve and this fits into the end of the Foley catheter. And this can be just drained. The flip flow catheter can just be drained by turning this lever. That is the catheter valve fitted into the end of the Foley catheter, just like that.

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    Flip Design Pioneer thought, Style and Comfort. The Flip's sleek, gray design positions any environment as sophisticated and forward thinking. With an ergonomic tilt of 4.5° and a spacious front tray and pen holder to house essential meeting tools, you and your team can stay comfortable and organized to focus on what's important.

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    "Flippa has got the right pool of buyers and sellers. It's easy to list business here and I also got the right price for my business."

  • Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bags withFlip Flo Valve on Sale with ...

    Get everything you love about Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bag with a Flip Flo Valve. As always Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bags are lightweight, odor proof, and built durable with heavy gauge material. Bard Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bags can be connected to any McGuire style urinal, Bardic® Uro® Sheath, and many other urinary appliances.