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  • Mining conflicts in Peru: Condition critical - Oxfam America

    Mining conflicts in Peru: Condition critical | Oxfam America 5 Roots of the conflicts The conflicts in Peru's mining sector have a number of root causes. • Local communities experience few benefits from mining revenues. The recent conflicts surrounding mining reflect longstanding historical

  • Is Ghana Ready for More Local Content?

    •However local content application in the oil and gas sector has not been without issues. Local content requirements in the mining sector of Ghana also have not yielded optimal results •Issues in the oil and gas sector include: Inadequate local capacity; skills and expertise Focus on "content levels" rather than the development of

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    The local content regulations of the mining sector require mining companies to source a list of items from local vendors. He added that the mining sector, in 2015, contributed about 14.4 per cent ...

  • Report No. 66585-AFR Increasing Local Procurement By the ...

    This report—Increasing Local Procurement by the Mining Industry in West Africa— is a product of the World Bank Sustainable Energy—Oil, Gas, and Mining Department (SEGOM). The task team comprised of Kristina Svensson (Task Team Leader), Boubacar Bocoum (Senior Mining Specialist), and Gary McMahon (Senior Mining Specialist).

  • Local Content Policies in the Oil, Gas, and Mining Sector

    In the oil, gas, and mining department, she is piloting and leading the work on local procurement in the mining sector, in addition to projects focused on extractive industries management and governance, private sector and local economic development, and civil society engagement and capacity building.

  • Mining: Ghana to increase local content items to 18 ...

    The Mineral Commission's Chief Executive, even though pushed for more local content in the mining sector, he pointed out that some of these policies on local content run counter to World Trade ...

  • Local Content Policies in the Mining Sector: Stimulating ...

    of policies and strategies to promote direct local employment in the mining sector. This paper reviews these policies and strategies as part of a broader set of inputs on enhancing local content in the mining sector prepared in collaboration with the International Institute for Sustainable Development

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    PwC is locally and internationally recognised for its expertise in the mining sector. We have local expertise backed up by the widest network of mining experts who work out of strategic hubs across the globe to help better connect you to vital mining markets.

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    Hence, whilst mining operations contribute to aggregate GDP, they do not always foster local development and can sometimes even harm local economies. A major factor limiting the mining sector's contribution to local wealth is the absence of financial instruments to support access to domestic finance for project sponsors. Solution


    will provide you with the strategic procurement opportunities in the mining industry. Whilst the mining industry has over the years endeavored to spawn the local manufacturing of inputs, the general impression is that the mining industry is an enclave with minimum linkages with the .

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