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  • Viking Seax, Hand-forged – Grimfrost

    Product number: 2543. FREE SHIPPING. This hand-forged seax is of the design that was common among the Vikings (Norse Type II) . The sax (English: seax) is a long knife characterized by a large, single-edged blade worn horizontally inside a scabbard attached to .

  • Long Knives Manufacturers, Long Knife Suppliers and Exporters

    Find listings of lambe chaku manufacturers, long knife suppliers and exporters. These shown leading companies are offering best quality long knives at low price.

  • Professional Kitchen Knives: Chef Knives & Commercial ...

    Types of Knives. Knives are the most important tool in a chef's kit, and they can be used for just about any food prep task from chopping onions and butchering a cut of beef to opening oysters and slicing bread. But, there are different types of kitchen knives that are designed for various purposes.

  • Triton TWSLKJ Long Knife Jig -

    Product Description. The Triton TWSLKJ is for use in sharpening long or thin flexible filleting knives. From the Manufacturer. Established in 1976, Triton Precision Power Tools designs and manufactures a wide range of power tools primarily aimed at the expert woodworker.