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    Aug 18, 2019 · Colloidal silver may interact with and damage DNA . Prolonged and Extreme Use of Colloidal Silver May Cause Argyria . Colloidal silver generally has no side effects. However, prolonged use of colloidal silver may lead to a condition known as argyria, from the small number of silver ions that may arise from the silver nanoparticles.

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    Jul 15, 2018 · The first option involves mechanically grinning metallic silver into very small particles, whereas the second requires the generation of colloidal silver through a process known as green synthesis. During this process sugar and other plant-based substances are used to reduce the silver salt into nanoparticles.

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    When you freeze the silver water solutions that use air as the catalyst, the chemicals drop to the bottom along with the silver nanoparticles. This can be seen when the silver water is thawed out. Colloidal silver producers who use air as a catalyst may not start out with chemicals but their product ends up with chemicals when it is completed.

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    Silver nanoparticle depositions in the membrane can impact regulation of solutes, exchange of proteins and cell recognition. Exposure to silver nanoparticles has been associated with "inflammatory, oxidative, genotoxic, and cytotoxic consequences"; the silver particulates primarily accumulate in .