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  • What is a Parameter in Statistics? - Statistics How To

    Sep 12, 2013 · Probability and Statistics > Basic Statistics > What is a Parameter in Statistics?. This article is about population parameters. For the parameters you would use to define a probability distribution, see: What is parametrization?. What is a Parameter in Statistics? In math, a parameter is something in an equation that is passed on in an equation.

  • What are important design parameters for Opto-isolators ...

    The single most important parameter that's peculiar to Opto-isolators is CTR (Current Transfer Ratio). It's kind of like $beta$ for a BJT, in that it defines how much current shows up on the output (photo-diode or photo-transistor) side given an amount of current driven into the LED side.

  • Parameters to Consider for a Successful Data Center Design ...

    Dec 11, 2013 · Data center design focuses on many aspects like Site selection, facility design, IT hardware, cooling, network, power distribution, and so forth, writes Prashant Baweja of Infosys Ltd. For a successful data center built project, few parameters needs to .