matsushita electric grinding

  • Technical reference AC Servo Motor & Drive r MINAS A4 .

    salt and so on, and are free from splash of inflammable gas, grinding oil, oil mist, iron powder or chips and etc. 3)Where the motor is free from grinding oil, oil mist, iron powder or chips. 4)Well-ventilated and humid and dust-free place, far apart from the heat source such as a furnace. 5) Easy-to-access place for inspection and cleaning

  • US20160287019A1 - -purpose cordless table grater ...

    The present invention pertains to a cordless electrical grater, comprising a washable food container and a cordless electrical device, wherein the last one can be inserted substantially inside the free cavity of the first one in order to minimize the size, wherein interaction between both allow working cycles, wherein no turning parts are exposed, wherein pressing the food container on the ...

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