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  • Yamamoto Rock Splitter

    Yamamoto Rock Machine, based in Tojo, Japan, has been the leader in rock drilling and splitting equipment since 1915. It is the first company to produce large diameter hydraulic rock splitter and offers the largest splitter on the market.

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    A hydraulic splitter, also known as rock splitter or darda splitter, is a type of portable hydraulic tool. It is used in demolition jobs which involve breaking large blocks of concrete or rocks.Its use in geology was first popularized by volcanologist David Richardson.. Following the darda splitters, the second type hydraulic splitter, known as piston splitter began to be used in large rock ...

  • Darda Rock Splitter C20 | Salvex

    Auction for Darda Rock Splitter C20. Seller Description. This lot of Rock Splitter C20 is is no longer needed for the company's operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner. The key featrues are given below: Best solution through different mounting options.

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    The Darda Hydraulic Splitter is a powerful tool, which exerts tremendous power separating rock and concrete into manageable sections for easy removal. When your heavy machinery has hammered the rock all it can and blasting isn't an option. This is when the Hydraulic Splitter works best, easily completing your project.

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    C9 Handheld Splitter. The Darda C9 is a medium sized splitting cylinder. The C9 splitter is well suited for demolition of concrete, rock, and production work in sandstone formations. The cylinder is exceptionally good at the demolition of non-reinforced concrete, applications in confined spaces, demolition of slabs, and secondary splitting of rock.

  • Wedges and Feathers versus Piston Rock splitters

    4. The darda splitter takes longer time in splitting. It splits very closely between holes. A small size darda needs spacing of 10cm~40cm depending on the rock mass. A piston splitter starts spacing from 35cm upto 60~70cm for the demolition of rock mass. 5. A darda splitter is vulnerable to breakage and easy to fail its operation.

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    Darda Hydraulic Splitters and Power Units . Darda hydraulic rock and concrete splitters provide a powerful and extremely cost effective alternative to other conventional demolition techniques. Hydraulic splitting means controlled splitting, and this eliminates shock waves, vibrations, dust and noise that large impact tools usually produce.