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  • Error Codes - Washing Machine | LG USA Support

    If too many suds are detected during spinning, the washing machine stops to help prevent leaking. Recommended solution: Do not add more than the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent. Reduce the amount of detergent used until there is no more sudsing.

  • Haier washing machine not spinning - How to Repair

    To take out a Haier motor on a washing machine might sound scary, but it's a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes. Common faults that customers complain of on Haier washing machines: - My Haier washing machine fills but does not wash. - My Haier washing machine empty's but does not spin.

  • Front-Load Washing Machine Spin Cycle Problems | Hunker

    Certain washing machines may skip the spin cycle if the load is unbalanced. Avoid overloading your washing machine and don't mix large and small clothing items together. Your clothes may be too wet if your washer isn't reaching the maximum spin speed. Check the clutch, motor pulley and/or belt.

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