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    The nickel content of laterites varies widely: at Le Nickel in New Caledonia, for example, the ore delivered to the smelter in 1900 contained 9 percent nickel; currently it contains 1 to 3 percent. Mining. With nickel found in two radically different types of ore, it is not surprising that the mining methods differ.

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    I think it is one of the reasons why BHPB decided to essentially get out of the nickel business because production of pig-nickel has put a ceiling price on nickel due to the vast laterite nickel resources around the world, if nickel price goes up production goes up and nickel price comes down! in .

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    The direct reduction process to upgrade this type of complex and refractory nickel laterite ore has been a topic of metallurgical interest. In the reduction roasting process, the nickel-bearing minerals are reduced to metallic nickel while controlling iron oxide reduction.

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    Mar 18, 2010 · Laterite ores usually contain iron, nickel, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, chromium, and/or aluminum. Known processes for treating laterite ores are capable of handling only high magnesium saprolite ores or high-iron limonite type ores, whereas the present invention can process a full range of ores, including transitional ores.

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    The Direct Nickel Process was developed in Australia representing a revolution in nickel production and a frontier advance in the processing of lateritic oxidic nickel ores (McCarthy & Brock, 2011, pp. 2-11). The Direct Nickel Group from Australia has created a new, simple and efficient process for extracting nickel from oxidic ored from ...

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    The resultant carbon monoxide is re-circulated and reused through the process. The highly pure nickel produced by this process is known as "carbonyl nickel". Source: Nickel-Wikipedia; Hydrometallurgy of Nickel; The high temperature (~250°C) acid pressure leaching of nickeliferous laterite ore has been practised commercially since the late 1950's.

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    Usually, nickel ore type in the world are sulphide and oxide minerals. In East Indonesia, we often see nickel oxide mineral that is called nickel laterite. Lateritic nickel ores formed by intensive tropical weathering of ultramafic rocks above all serpentinites which consist largely of the magnesium silicate serpentine and contains approx. 0,3% ...

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    An improved method for processing of nickel-bearing ores, laterite ores, saprolite and limonite ores, oxidic and sulfide ores, metallurgical wastes, and other metal-bearing materials, to recover the valuable minerals contained therein, comprising comminuting ore to a desired size; leaching the ore at about 70 C to 130 C for about 30 minutes to 4 hours with nitric acid, raising the temperature ...

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    Outotec and VTT have developed together a novel process concept for nickel laterites, which enables high metal recoveries with significantly lower acid consumption compared to the conventional methods. The pilot was designed and modelled using the results from various batch reactor leaching experiments.

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    Why heap leach nickel laterites? ... process has been very slow. Nickel production to date has been 1.4 kt in 2013 and 12.6 kt in 2014 (Glencore Production Report, 2014). 2014 figures are approximately half that planned in 2013. Full production of Koniambo is 60,000 tonnes but after Line 1 was closed down in


    cases, however, nickel and cobalt report to an impure solution, and must be recovered separately in purified forms. This paper discusses the application of the CESL Nickel Process to laterites, limiting the discussion to the treatment of the impure nickel/cobalt solution after the pressure acid leach (PAL). 2 .

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    Queensland Pacific Metals (Brisbane, Australia), a subsidiary of Pure Minerals (Perth, Australia; ) will use Direct Nickel Projects' (Perth, Australia) proprietary technology to process New Caledonian nickel and cobalt ore, following favorable test results.

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    Nickel Laterite Exploration. overview. Perilya controls 60 square kilometers of nickel laterite concessions in the Dominican Republic. Two of Perilya's -held concessions, C1 and Corozal, are located immediately adjacent to the Falcondo mining and smelting complex which has a nameplate capacity of approximately 28,000 tonnes of nickel in ferronickel annually.

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    • Today's nickel processing status − Brief overview of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes > Their current market contribution > Current Projects/Operations > Process Pros and Problems • The future of nickel processing − Overview of proposed/pipeline processes for sulphides and laterites

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    to supply nickel to a hungry world market with a significant degree of value adding done in Indonesia. 2 The DNi Story Direct Nickel Limited (DNi) aims to become a leading global nickel producer, using the proprietary DNi Process to access and process nickel laterite resources, primarily

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    The process is applicable to a wide range of nickel-cobalt leach liquors, derived from both laterites and sulphides, and should have attractive operating and capital costs. The process is described with examples and some illustration given of the potential commercial advantages, compared to existing technology. 1 INTRODUCTION

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    Other than the hybrid Caron process the only operating hydrometallurgical process for nickel laterites are HPALs. The first commercial HPAL plant started production in 1959 at Moa Bay in Cuba and still continues today and Sherrit a 50% joint venture (JV) partner in Moa is a partner in the construction of the similar Ambatovy project in Madagascar.


    FERRONICKEL PRODUCTION AND OPERATION oxide and aluminum oxide content. Lateritic ores are exposed to hot acidic leaching around -250 °C to dissolve nickel and cobalt under high pressure.The process is followed by solvent extraction(SX)

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    Description. Laterite nickel rotary kiln is one of the key equipment in the laterite nickel ore rotary kiln smelting process.Ore after drying in laterite nickel ore by rotary kiln, in rotary kiln is heated to 800 DEG C after removal of the ore surface water and crystal water, and reducing ore of iron, nickel, and cobalt oxide, into the smelting furnace.

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    Laterite nickel processing,preparation of the metal for use in various products. Although it is best known for its use incoinage, nickel (Ni) has become much more important for its many industrial applications, which owe their importance to a unique combination of properties.

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    Being free of sulfur, laterite nickel deposits do not cause a pollution problem as do the sulfide ores, but they do require substantial energy input, and their mining can have a detrimental effect on the environment (e.g., soil erosion). The range of process options is limited by the nature of the ore.

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    3.1.5 Oxidation and Reduction of Laterite Nickel Ores. Outotec has developed a process for the oxidation and reduction of laterite nickel ores where the reduction of iron and nickel to the wuestite/metallic states respectively, is performed in a fluidized-bed reactor using reduction gas generated very cost-effectively from natural gas in an ...

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    Overall, the main advantages of the HPAL process are its ability to process low grade nickel laterite ores and its high and separate recoveries of nickel and cobalt. These advantages, however, are contrasted by a few negatives, which are its inability to process high magnesium or saprolitic ores, high construction and maintenance costs due to ...

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